Million Father March at Manatee Elementary


Men took a pledge to make a difference in a child’s life, today at Manatee Elementary School in Bradenton, Florida. Community leaders, fathers, father figures, mentors and school staff gathered together for the annual Million Father March event.


Sheriff Rick Wells visits with a Manatee Elementary student


The men were treated to breakfast and given time to bond with the children before they headed off to class.



Following breakfast, guests gathered in front of the historic school for an inspiring speech about being present in a child’s life. The Pledge for Fathers and Men encourages them to play an active role in their child’s academics, volunteer at least ten hours during the school year and meet with their child’s teachers.



Afterwards, the group walked through the neighborhood surrounding Manatee Elementary School in solidarity for the cause.



The event at Manatee Elementary School was only one of hundreds taking place across the country.

#WeManatee stands for We are the School District of Manatee County. No matter what challenges we face, we strengthen each other when we stand together.



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