Red Ribbon Week at Palm View Elementary


Schools across Manatee County are taking part in Red Ribbon Week, which is held October 23-31.



Elroy the Elk visited Palm View Elementary School in Palmetto with a message, “Say NO to Drugs!” Elroy met students, Pre-K to fifth grades, during lunch time.




Members of Manasota Elks #2734 bring Elroy the Elk to several schools during the annual drug-free campaign.





Monica Arreaga is Palm View Elementary’s Graduation Enhancement Tech, or GET. She placed a bracelet on the wrist of each student to promote Red Ribbon Week.






Staff members made a poster to hang in the Panthers’ cafeteria that reads, “Palm View Panthers PROMISE to keep their paws off drugs!” Older students each signed a paw which will proudly be displayed.





Elroy the Elk will visit five other schools including Daughtrey Elementary, Oneco Elementary, Myakka Elementary, Willis Elementary and Prine Elementary. For more information about Red Ribbon Week, visit

#WeManatee stands for We are the School District of Manatee County. No matter what challenges we face, we strengthen each other when we stand together.



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