Florida’s First Lady Celebrates Literacy in Manatee County


Florida’s First Lady Ann Scott made stops at three Manatee County Schools on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. She visited Willis Elementary, McNeal Elementary and Tara Elementary, as part of a statewide tour for Celebrate Literacy Week.



While at Willis Elementary in Lakewood Ranch, Mrs. Scott met Savannah Adams, a fifth-grade student who wrote a letter to Governor Scott last year as part of a social studies project. Adams was thrilled to escort Florida’s First Lady into the school’s media center, where she read to Keli Geogas’ and Karen Nikla’s fourth and fifth grade classes. Mrs. Scott also watched first-grade students working in a STEM Lab – and listened in during a music class, where students were learning to play the xylophone.



Students holding signs lined the walkway at McNeal Elementary School, welcoming Florida’s First Lady. She was also given a tour by students, as they made their way to the media center. Mrs. Scott read to the two third-grade classes of Amber Manfredi and Elizabeth Smith. Then, she made her way to a fifth-grade classroom.



“It was such a pleasure to have Mrs. Scott in our classroom today,” said teacher Olivia Mayer. “My students and I are so grateful that she chose our school to visit.” Mrs. Scott read a chapter from one of Mayer’s favorite books, “The Talented Clementine.”



Two Safety Patrol Captains, Jimmy Daley and Kayleigh Lollar, greeted Mrs. Scott at Tara Elementary. During each visit, Florida’s First Lady shared photos of the Governors’ Mansion in Tallahassee – as well as photos of her family and six grandchildren. Second-grade teacher, Tina Backhus, was excited to give flowers to Mrs. Scott and share with her that she too, has grandchildren – 11 to be exact.



The last visit was to Angie Willett’s classroom, where Mrs. Scott read to an enthusiastic group of first graders. After finishing “Dragons Love Tacos,” the children asked her to keep reading. She gladly obliged, finishing their visit with “The Rainbow Fish.”



The First Lady’s new book is called “Ally & Jordi’s Adventures Through Florida,” which was inspired by her daughters. It describes the people and historical places across the state, including Fort DeSoto and Nik Wallenda, a famous high wire performer who lives in our community. Mrs. Scott spoke in detail about her family – and read a passage from the book to every class that she visited today in Manatee County.



Each school received a gift from Mrs. Scott, including their own copy of her new book for their library. She told all of the students that during this last year of the Governor’s term in office, she will continue to focus on reading and literacy by visiting schools across the state.




Special guests who joined Florida’s First Lady at the schools include Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene, Board Chairman Dr. Scott Hopes, Board Member Charlie Kennedy, Executive Directors of Elementary Education Annette Codelia and Mike Rio, along with many valued school administrators, staff members and students.


#WeManatee stands for We are the School District of Manatee County. No matter what challenges we face, we strengthen each other when we stand together.